Continuing Education for the profession of pharmacy is a structured process of education designed or intended to support the continuous development of pharmacists to maintain and enhance their professional competence. Continuing Education should promote problem-solving and critical thinking and be applicable to the Practice of Pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appropriate CPE subject matter?

Continuing pharmacy education programs shall address topics and subject matters, which are pertinent to the contemporary practice of pharmacy. Topics and subject matters pertinent to the contemporary practice of pharmacy, as identified through an appropriate need assessment process, include, but are not limited to: the social, economic behavioral, legal, administrative and managerial aspects of pharmacy practice and health care; the properties and actions of drugs and dosage forms; the etiology, characteristics, therapeutics and prevention of disease states; the pharmaceutical monitoring and management of patient therapy; and other information unique to specialized types of the practice of pharmacy.

How are CPE hours credited?

CPE credits (CEUs) are awarded on an hour-for-hour basis and are designated as 1/10 credit per 1 contact hour. However, this does not include breaks, social activities, etc.

If you are doing the same meeting a second time or annually, do you have to go through the approval process again?

Yes. An approval process is always necessary regardless of how many times it has been offered in the past.

What costs are associated with co-sponsoring a CE program with VCU/MCV?

VCU/MCV School of Pharmacy assesses an administrative cost for each program in addition to a $10/per certificate fee. Duplicate certificates can also be processed for an additional fee.

How soon should I submit my request to co-sponsor a program?

Requests for all programs should be presented to ACPE for approval 45 days in advance for the program. Consequently, you are asked to submit your requests to VCU/MCV in a reasonable amount of time so this deadline will not be jeopardized.

When will I receive a certificate verifying my attendance?

Statements of credit are generally mailed within four (4) weeks of the date that we are in receipt of all ACPE-required components.

What kind of programs can be approved for pharmacy credit?

Almost any activity designed to “improve a pharmacist’s practice” can be approved for credit.

Can a pharmacist who is conducting a session that is being offered for continuing education credit receive the credit?

Yes. The pharmacist may receive continuing pharmacy education credit for the time assigned to the offering and only on the first occasion of the offering. The pharmacist cannot receive credit for the time spent in the preparation of the material.

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